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So I wanted to comment on this but it ended up really long so I’m just gonna post a screen shot and tag their URL so they can ask me to take it down if need be

Draco’s world goes to color at the robes shop when he meets Harry, but a muggle born girl comes into the shop at the same time as him, so Draco assumes she is his soul mate. But, before he can talk to her, she runs out of the shop. He assumes she is so upset about a Malfoy being her soul mate that she bailed, and he spends his first few years at school trying to figure out who she is. But when sixth year comes along, he gives up because of the pressure on him to murder. So during the Battle of Hogwarts, when Harry goes to face Voldemort, his vision goes black and white. He’s upset because he never found her and he’ll never know how she died. He realizes how much he has sacrificed for this war, and he almost breaks down.

And then the world goes back to color. Draco is really confused because he’s never heard of this before. After his trial (it is my headcanon that the ministry gets he was forced into the situation as a kid trying to protect his mom) he researches “people who died and came back to life” hoping to find a news story about his muggle born girl. He doesn’t find a story about a girl, but he does find the story of how The Boy Who Lived Twice beat Voldemort and how he died for a short time during the Battle of Hogwarts.

He then has a realization that sounds a lot like this: “Merlin’s balls, Potter is my soulmate.” (And maybe some melodramatic fainting cause, ya know, it’s Draco)

Bonus if there is Draco awkwardly explaining this to Harry (who has seen in color since Lily died for him but that’s another theory haha)

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Deaton the versatile veterinarian.

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Am I the only one who thinks that Peter Dinklage is a good-looking man?

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